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I get song idea while packing up things I sold on eBay - Tom Ray's Day 200625

I go through some of the pop-culture items I collect from the 1950s to the 1990s that I sold on eBay. I also impulse buy a laptop which was a mistake. I also get an idea for a new song to write for my band Lorenzo's Music. And I draw my daily webcomic.

Vintage pop-culture items available in my eBay Store 

Items I sold on eBay in this video:
  • Vintage Calling All Girls Digest 1960s
  • Vintage Scribbage Game 1968
  • Mother Goose Elf Illustrated Book 1967
  • Racko Card Game

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Check out my interview with multi-media artist Mandy Kron

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Dark train.

The heating system hasn't been hooked up yet anyway, so it wouldn't matter if the power was on yet. I've just gotten used to checking it in the past year.

Wrong drink.

It was really odd-tasting since I thought I was going to be drinking carbonated water. I've done it the other way too from time to time, grabbing a water when I thought it was a beer.