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John Hazard & Lisa Burdige of Background Noise Comic - Tom Ray's Art Podcast 201101

John Hazard & Lisa Burdige are a couple that creates the autobiographical webcomic Background Noise Comic. John spent over a decade working at Nickelodeon where he provided game design, online animation and avatar character creation for the brand website. Lisa has published short fiction, essays, and plays. She also works for agencies and has developed award-winning ideas and content strategy for top brands.

We talk about creating their comics, promoting it, the experiences they've had since starting Background Noise Comic and more!

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Look around.

Nothing to see here. Still having some fun with this week's comics


Or maybe it's just a helmet?

Get out.

Seemed like a reasonable request considering... Still having some fun with my comic this week.

Dead can dance.

Ooo look at me I'm an evil spirit look at what I can do. Jerks.