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No good estate sales today. So... Improvising - Tom Ray's Day 210702

Tag along while I look for vintage items for my online retro resale business. Estate sales, vintage stores, and releasing music.

On the weekends I go to estate sales to find vintage and retro things to sell online. Sometimes I end up traveling to other towns to do this but there weren't any that looked good. So went to a few in town that were kind of a bust. So I improvised. See what I got!

Later I go to the studio.

Also my band Lorenzo's Music was getting ready to release a new single so I stop out at my studio.

Check out the song "Variation witch" here 

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About this Vlog

This is a video of my daily life since I decided to sell collectibles and pop-culture items I collect on eBay to help support my art career instead of taking on freelance work.

More vintage pop-culture items available in my eBay Store

Music in this video by my band Lorenzo's Music, listen on Spotify -

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Julia Hacker: Painter, Mixed media and Fashion Design - Tom Ray's Art Podcast 210725

Julia Hacker is an artist in Toronto Canada who moved there from Russia where she worked as a fashion designer. After trying to find work in Canada Julia started a fashion design boutique of her own. Julia always drew and created artwork and later on after the shop closed decided to go into painting.

More loopin'.

I want to expand on the music I make that gets used in games and videos and stuff.

Can I take your order?

Upselling seems to be taking longer.

How I use one Gmail address for multiple Soundcloud accounts

Do you know the Gmail "+" trick to use one email for multiple accounts on one service? Here's a little trick I use that works for any service.  I talked about this on the podcast episode I did with artist Mortimur K . In this case, let's say I used up all the uploads I have for my free Soundcloud account . With this trick, I can open a new free account and use the same Gmail address. I don't want to create another Gmail account to sign up again.  Using my one Gmail address for multiple accounts on the same service I don't remember when I learned this but you can alter the name on a Gmail address. Like, let's say mine is "". To be clear that is not my email. I wish it was, but this is just a short example. Start with the original Gmail address Add a "+" after the email name Where it says "tom" on the address I can put a "+" after that. Add a "+" after the email name After that "+" I ca