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How I chose a webcomic size to use for websites and books

picture of webcomics in a book

How I chose one size for my webcomic that works for websites and to use in a book

Over time, my webcomic transformed into more than just something I posted on my website. It was a thing that I could find multiple uses for.

Now when I draw the comic I know that it's going to be used for a book and put on multiple media websites and webcomic sites.

I draw one thing and it's being turned into several things at once.

Right now I draw the webcomic using these dimensions:

1000px by 1200px and a dpi of 300

Here is the story of how I decided this is what the size of my webcomic should be.

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When I started my webcomic I just chose a size at random

When I first started drawing the comic I was just posting it on my website. 

image screenshot of webpage with a comic
Screenshot of my webcomic on the site

I just picked a size for the comic that was a large rectangle like a comic page and I just went with it. No real thought behind it.

This wasn't a problem at the time. But I wasn't thinking ahead. 

I wasn't thinking about how the comic would transform to other sites and mediums.

Adjusting the sizes for each medium seemed like more work

I could adjust the size of the webcomic for each of these different platforms. But it would take extra work. It would take manipulating what I had and then creating several different versions of it.

So I decided I wanted to find a way for me that was smarter rather than harder.

I started posting to webcomics sites

I had started posting my comics to different webcomics sites. I wanted to try and put them in a place where people were actively looking for webcomics.

I could cross-post to that instead of trying to find people and bring them to my site.

Tapas webcomics

One of the first ones I started using was

The size requirements for tapas is 940px wide

They even offer a monetary reward system and they also share ad revenue on the site.

screenshot of a webpage monetization program

I can get ad-sharing revenue if I get more people to view my comic. So that part's really cool!


I also post to a webcomic site called

The size requirements for Webtoons is 800px wide

Webtoons also have an ad sharing program but you have to have a certain amount of followers to apply to be in it.

Webcomics on Instagram

I had also started posting my webcomic to Instagram about halfway through creating my first webcomic book.

screenshot of website
My webcomics on Instagram

For the most part, Instagram likes square images. 

But I have found I can post a taller rectangle on my Instagram feed.

The tallest image I found that works in the feed is 1200px

So if I resized my webcomic the width then became 1000px

Which is the size of the comic I ended up using.

I went with the Instagram size because it was larger than the size of all the other sites. 

So now I could use my Google Photos resizing trick to adjust it for the other webcomics sites.

This size also worked out great for my webcomic books.

Check out the video

picture of a man holding paperback books

I made a video talking more about this and the whole process of making my webcomic book. You can check that out on the site here! Making a Webcomic Book on Amazon - Part 2

Listen To The Podcast


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