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This type of Facebook ad really works for me - Tom Ray's Art Podcast

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In this podcast episode, I wanted to talk about a Facebook ad I use all the time. It's called a Facebook lead ad.

It's a way to collect emails to connect with people interested in what I do and add them to my email list.

And the best part? I don't have to create a landing page! It all happens in the Facebook ad itself. 🙂


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How I use one Gmail address for multiple Soundcloud accounts

Do you know the Gmail "+" trick to use one email for multiple accounts on one service? Here's a little trick I use that works for any service.  I talked about this on the podcast episode I did with artist Mortimur K . In this case, let's say I used up all the uploads I have for my free Soundcloud account . With this trick, I can open a new free account and use the same Gmail address. I don't want to create another Gmail account to sign up again.  Using my one Gmail address for multiple accounts on the same service I don't remember when I learned this but you can alter the name on a Gmail address. Like, let's say mine is "". To be clear that is not my email. I wish it was, but this is just a short example. Start with the original Gmail address Add a "+" after the email name Where it says "tom" on the address I can put a "+" after that. Add a "+" after the email name After that "+" I ca

Day 5 Prague: Power outage.

Big ups to the Nomads of Prague for having the gear to help! Here is a pic of us actually trying to figure out the problem on the boat.

Day 5 Prague: Boat.

We were supposed to go on in a few hours and the sound company wasn't there yet. 

Day 4 Prague: Walking.

Walking home among castles, towers and bridges made it an ok experience. Still pretty tired though.