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Fox and the Hound artwork from a vintage illustrated book from 1981

picture of vintage illustrated book on white background

In my collection of vintage illustrated books, I have this a golden book for the Walt Disney animated movie The Fox and the Hound from 1981. I think I found it at a garage sale if I remember correctly.

This was the first cartoon movie that when I was growing up my younger sister and I both liked equally. I think we still quote the line by young Copper "My name's Copper and I'm a hound dog!" which I didn't know was voiced by a young Corey Feldman?!

One thing that always bugged me about Disney artwork in these books was that they never gave credit to the artists that do the drawings. They just say Walt Disney Productions or Studios for the art credit.

By the way, you can check out all of the vintage illustrated books I have collected from resale shops and other places in my eBay store.

I put my collection up for sale to justify getting more illustrated books for my library!

picture of vintage illustrated book on white background

picture of vintage illustrated book on white background

Walt Disney Productions had obtained the film rights to the novel "The Fox and the Hound" and in spring 1977, development began on the project after animation director Wolfgang Reitherman had read the original novel and decided that it would make for a good animated feature.

picture of vintage illustrated book on white background

I do remember that the artwork was my first real introduction to this style which became really popular in the 80s and I and any other kid that wanted to draw during that time tried to imitate it.

picture of vintage illustrated book on white background

picture of vintage illustrated book on white background

During the making of this movie, Disney turned it over to the next generation of directors and animators, which included John Lasseter, John Musker, Ron Clements, Glen Keane, Tim Burton, Brad Bird, Henry Selick, Chris Buck, Mike Gabriel, and Mark Dindal.

They finalized the animation and completed the film's production. These animators had moved through the in-house animation training program and would play an important role in the Disney Renaissance of the 1980s and 1990s.

picture of vintage illustrated book on white background

Funny thing is as much as this cartoon movie holds a special place in my memory. But from what I read of the reviews of the time it was actually made fun of for being the same Disney formula they had been doing for years and that it broke no real ground. I could see that now that I'm older.

Check out all of the vintage illustrated books I have in my eBay store.

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