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What do I do if don't have the right size box? Make my own! - Tom Ray's Day 200601

I pack up some of the pop-culture items I sold on eBay to send them out then I realize I don't have the right box for an album box set from the 60s. Watch how I make my own box to fit the size of this thing. Also, an Elvis puzzle and I draw my own game piece. 

Then I speed draw my daily webcomic. 

More pop-culture items from the 50s - 90s in my eBay store - 

Check out the other things I do too! :)

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Or maybe it's just a helmet?

Get out.

Seemed like a reasonable request considering... Still having some fun with my comic this week.

Dead can dance.

Ooo look at me I'm an evil spirit look at what I can do. Jerks.

Skull punch.

That was unexpected.