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Neil Moherman: Comic book writer, Cog & Flame - Tom Ray's Art Podcast

Neil Moherman is an indie comic book writer living in Dayton, Ohio. We met while he was at the Mighty Con when it came through here in Madison. Neil contacted me to tell me about his Kickstarter campaign for the next issue of his comic Cog & Flame Issue #4.

Neil has been creating indie comics since 2017. He currently has two series in production, Cog & Flame and Doomspeaker. We talk about how he started his story while writing a Dungeons and Dragons campaign, how he finds people to draw and color his comics, and also learned how to create lettering for comics too! 

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Amy Regutti: Painter, Surrealist Paintings and Portraits - Tom Ray's Art Podcast

Amy Regutti is a painter living here in Madison WI. Amy had gone to school for art and gave it to become an acupuncturist. Years later Amy started painting again. But after an automobile accident a few years ago started focusing more on painting during recovery. Now Amy sells art online and promotes it at pop-up galleries and in the comic cons.


I could have been some uptight person for all they knew? 

Artwork for the original Candy Land game by Milton Bradley from 1955.

I have a vintage Candy Land game from 1955 by Milton Bradley and I was about to sell it so I thought I would add it to my personal art history course concept I've been doing . I'm going to try and see if I can find out how this game was created, designed and why? Here is what I found out about this game Candy Land is a board game about children exploring a world made out of candy and other sweets that originally came out in 1949. In every version of the game, there are a group of children that go through Candy Land. In the earliest versions of the game, it was a realistically drawn boy and girl. Drawing of the Candy Land kids I did on my phone ☝ The game was designed in 1948 by Eleanor Abbott , while she was recovering from polio in San Diego, California. It's rumored that Eleanor also did the original artwork but I didn't find anything that

Time difference.

I've never been good at geography.