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3 Facebooks ads I used to grow my audience, including one I'm trying now - Tom Ray's Art Podcast

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On this podcast, I wanted to talk about how I've used Facebook ads to promote what I create

This week I was unable to book an artist in time for the podcast. So I thought I would try something different.

I've been working on ads to promote the podcast and some of the art and music I create too. So I thought I would share how I've been using Facebook ads up until now to promote what I do.

Plus I wanted to share a new type of ad style for me that I've really been happy with.

I talk about my objectives for these ads, the interests I use to find the audience, and the type of ad sets that worked best for me on Facebook.

If you've been curious about creating Facebook ads I thought maybe this might spark some ideas and possibly help inspire others who want to try to do ads in the future.

I don't know I just wanted to try this format on the podcast and see. Can't tell if it's a dumb idea or not but thought what the heck! 😊

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Fire alarm.

I also learned we could quite possibly sleep through a fire alarm.

Right foot.

I've taken my shoe off several times since then and it still bugs me.