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Tiffany Babb: Poet, Cultural Critic, and Diary Comics - Tom Ray's Art Podcast

On this episode of the podcast, I meet Tiffany Babb. Tiffany is a regular contributor to many online publications and writes about the comics and not just that but how the comic stories have cultural relevance. 

Tiffany also just released her first collection of poetry "A LIST OF THINGS I’VE LOST" that was published by Vegetarian Alcoholic Press. Plus Tiffany also makes a diary webcomic called "All About Me".

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Making a book of my webcomic - Artwork/Book sizes & Printing - Part 2

This is the second video in a series about how I make books of my webcomics In the previous video , I gave some background about how I started my webcomic, how I add the images to my book with the help of Google Photos and Google docs. You can check out part 1 here - In this video, I wanted to talk more about how my webcomic transformed from something I was just posting on my website to a thing that I could find multiple uses for. Now when I drew the comic I knew it was going to be something I would publish as a book, put on multiple media sites that people use, and sell at shows and pop-ups if I wanted to. Now each webcomic is being turned into several things. ( You can check out my Amazon books here - ) How did I choose a size for my book? Since I started making these the 3 books I published of my webcomics have all been different sizes. When I was just posting it on my website

eBay books.

I just thought that was interesting. Curious to see if they sell for that much.

Music stand.

I mean I waited 20 minutes so it's fair game right?

Rotating chair.

It's like I forgot how they work.