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What I Got! I go out hunting for more vintage stuff

Old 60s paintings, toys, books, and more! What I Got!

I went out hunting for new vintage toys, games, and books to add to my collection today. I ended up in some new out-of-town places and with the standard vintage/pop-culture items I usually get I also splurged and picked up some 1960s vintage paintings!

And at the end, I show one of my webcomic diary pages.

Check out more vintage things!

I started a new site called The Pop-Culture Roadshow where I geek out over a lot of the history and artwork of the vintage and pop-culture items I collect.

Visit the site and look around and if you sign up for the mailing list there I'm offering a 20% off coupon for your first order!

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Uber name.

I always thought the name was tied to the one on your credit card.


Trying to promote your own stuff always seems much harder than when I'm doing a promotion for someone else.

Artwork for the original Candy Land game by Milton Bradley from 1955.

I have a vintage Candy Land game from 1955 by Milton Bradley and I was about to sell it so I thought I would add it to my personal art history course concept I've been doing . I'm going to try and see if I can find out how this game was created, designed and why? Here is what I found out about this game Candy Land is a board game about children exploring a world made out of candy and other sweets that originally came out in 1949. In every version of the game, there are a group of children that go through Candy Land. In the earliest versions of the game, it was a realistically drawn boy and girl. Drawing of the Candy Land kids I did on my phone ☝ The game was designed in 1948 by Eleanor Abbott , while she was recovering from polio in San Diego, California. It's rumored that Eleanor also did the original artwork but I didn't find anything that


They excepted the repeal for my book and I fixed my online shop. But that was not what I had planned on doing for the day.