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Discover the beginning of my webcomic journey: How my comic diary began!

Dive into the origins of my webcomic that began in 2017. 

You may not know it but the webcomic diary that I've been drawing for years actually started out as a way to express my emotions after we found out my wife had breast cancer.

illustration of woman screaming and man sitting
Then This Happened... A diary about breast cancer

I had actually made the decision that I wanted to start drawing comics again and I went to meet my wife for lunch to tell her and she let me know she found out she had breast cancer.

illustration of a webcomic with four panels
This is my first webcomic I drew

The webcomic suddenly became my outlet to express my emotions, improve my art skills, and tell a story that people could relate to.

illustration of a four panel webcomic
Another webcomic from that first year

Over the years, the webcomic has become a huge part of my life. I put out a book every year that collects all the comics from the previous year. It's a different experience reading them all together like that, compared to just seeing them one by one on my website.

It also is a way that I've been trying to bring new people into the book feel free to jump in and follow the journey from the very beginning.

Then This Happened... A Diary About Breast Cancer

The first eBook is available on Amazon

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New song! Variation witch

Keeping up with my plan to release new music every month.  This time around I venture into the punk blues realm. Sort of a mixture of The Black Keys and The Eels . This is a song called "Variation witch" by my band Lorenzo's Music .  The cover art is actually an antique top that I have in my collection. What I liked about it was the striped disc kind of like something in a Tim Burton film.

A quick peek behind-the-scenes of a new webcomic series. Coming soon!

I've recently paused my usual diary comic to dedicate my attention to an exciting new project—a fiction webcomic series featuring two characters that may be familiar to my long-time followers.  These characters, Bobert and the Monster have made appearances on my website before , and now they're taking center stage.  I'm working diligently with the hope of launching the series shortly.  In the meantime, I'd like to share this behind-the-scenes video of the drawing process for one of the upcoming pages.  Stay tuned for more updates as I bring this creative vision to life.

Working on a new comic

Drawing tablet screenshot I've been working on a new comic book idea. These are some screenshots of a few panels of a comic I'm drawing on my tablet. It's actually based on some characters I've had for a while called Bobert and the Monster . I don't even really remember how I came up with these characters themselves but the concept is:  It's a world made of monsters and humans are the ones that haunt and terrorize them. Specifically, Bobert the human haunts and plays tricks on the main character who is just called "Monster".  When I first started drawing them years ago they were just one-page gag comic strips. I was inspired to draw these characters based on those in-between comic stories I read in those old Gold Key and Dell comics from the 60s and 70s. Those comics would feature a main character like Yogi Bear or Huckleberry Hound . Then there were random one-page stories with a different character in the book to fill it out.  I had drawn a few o

How I use one Gmail address for multiple Soundcloud accounts

Do you know the Gmail "+" trick to use one email for multiple accounts on one service? Here's a little trick I use that works for any service.  I talked about this on the podcast episode I did with artist Mortimur K . In this case, let's say I used up all the uploads I have for my free Soundcloud account . With this trick, I can open a new free account and use the same Gmail address. I don't want to create another Gmail account to sign up again.  Using my one Gmail address for multiple accounts on the same service I don't remember when I learned this but you can alter the name on a Gmail address. Like, let's say mine is "". To be clear that is not my email. I wish it was, but this is just a short example. Start with the original Gmail address Add a "+" after the email name Where it says "tom" on the address I can put a "+" after that. Add a "+" after the email name After that "+" I ca