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How losing access to my physical space helped me sell online - Tom Ray's Day 200901

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It's been a year since I had rented out a 1930's train car to start my own store. A month after was in the place, construction in the area delayed me opening it for over a year. I'm still not able to use the space while I make this video.

And while all that was very annoying at the time, it forced me to rethink how I would do things. Then, after the world shut down I was oddly prepared because of it.

Plus, at the end of the video, I draw my daily autobiographical webcomic.

This is a video of my daily life since I decided to sell collectibles and pop-culture items I collect on eBay to help support my art career instead of taking on freelance work.

More vintage pop-culture items available in my eBay Store

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