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Horsey Headface

Horsey Headface drawing
I made the other day for some reason?

illustration of a boy with a horse head

I was using the vector program Inkscape the other day.

I was going to create an image for something else originally. I have a song single coming out and it needed some cover art. 

So I fired up the program but when I first opened it I had my Wacom tablet hooked up and just started sketching something to warm up.

For some reason I just sketched a boy waving "howdy" and dressed kinda like a cowboy on a ranch. I don't know why?

illustration sketch of a cowboy kid
Cowboy kid sketch

I thought, "That's weird?" But then I was like, whatever and kept going. 

So I outlined the drawing in vector shapes and filled them in with colors and stuff. 

Then I had this.

illustration of a kid cowboy waving
Howdy kid illustration

And then I kept going. I gave it a green background and put some cloud lines in the sky. I roughed up the edges of the clouds with the object sculpting tool. That tool randomizes the edges of the vector shapes.

illustration of clouds in green sky
vector clouds illustration

But then I just started goofing around and thought I'd give it a horse head. You know... for the kids! 

Again I don't know why 😄

So I drew a big vector shape on the side of its head and moved the mouth to the end and put ears on it.

Thought of a silly name to call it and there you go! Horsey Headface.

illustration of a kid cowboy with a horse head

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