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Can I Buy And Resell Copies Of My Own Book From Amazon KDP?

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There are two questions that I get asked about publishing my webcomic books on Amazon KDP.

1 - Can I Order A Print Copy Of My Own Book From Amazon KDP?

When I started printing on Amazon KDP I also had that question.

The reason I put the books together is I was just kind of doing it for myself.

I could make a paperback version of my webcomic books and then I and my family could get a copy. It didn't even occur to me that I could actually start selling the book in public. 

I thought it was just print-on-demand and then maybe I could order one. 

But when I print a book on Amazon KDP I can also get up to 999 copies and sell it on my own! 

I was able to get my own copies from Amazon KDP sent to me. 

As the author, I can get them at printing cost. So they're at a discounted price.

The option to order author copies is right in the KDP publishing setup. 

The button is next to the book in KDP. 👇

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The other question I get about publishing my book on Amazon KDP...

2 - Can I Sell My Amazon KDP Author Copies?

What if I want to sell a bunch of my books locally or at events? Yes, I can.

Selling the author copies is the same as people buying them from Amazon and getting them printed. I paid for the printing cost to have them made. 

I order a whole bundle of the author copies of my webcomic books for pop-up events and tabling at shows. I was able to buy these books get them delivered to my house and sell them at these shows.

Check out the video

I made a video talking more about this and the whole process of making my webcomic book. 

You can check that out on the site here! Making a book of my webcomic - Part 1

Listen To The Podcast


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