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Can I sell my webcomic books in stores through Amazon KDP?

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How I also sold my webcomic books in stores publishing on Amazon KDP

Amazon not only gives me a page for my webcomic books but there's the opportunity to have them sold as expanded distribution through Amazon.

What is Expanded Distribution?

What Amazon does is they have the ability for distributors to buy books in bulk for different bookstores and libraries across the US. 

I thought, no this will never happen. But I chose the option when setting up my webcomic book anyway. I'm like what's it hurt? It's literally just a check checkbox.

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Will my book actually get chosen by book stores?

I know it sounds crazy but I've actually had that happen. 

The first two books I made I added them to the expanded distribution program and they actually got sent to a couple of libraries and stores.

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I would get these notifications of sales and it would say expanded sales. I looked and they got sent to the west coast.

Some people actually contacted me saying they found out about the book in a bookstore and liked it! That was kind of neat!

Amazon KDP does all the work

And on top of it, Amazon prints it all for me and sends it to these places. I don't have to do anything extra.

But... The royalties are smaller for expanded distribution

The one problem is the royalties are much smaller when doing it this way. I'm assuming that's because of the added shipping cost and putting it in a catalog and whatever else they have to do. 

So it's not that lucrative of an option but it's still pretty cool to think that the book that I make is available in stores and libraries.

Check out the video

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I made a video talking more about this and the whole process of making my webcomic book. You can check that out on the site here! Making a Webcomic Book on Amazon - Part 2

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